CC Meeting: Election/Appointment processes

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Feb 26 10:38:00 GMT 2010

On 25.02.2010 23:11, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Do you mean that the default expiration time is set in Launchpad to be the
> appropriate term length?  If so, great.  


> Is there guidance on how to set it
> when new teams are created?

I added a note to

>>  - ~ubuntu-lococouncil: ~communitycouncil
>>  - ~ubuntu-irc-council: ~communitycouncil
>>  - ~forum-council: ~communitycouncil
>>  - ~ubuntu-membership-board-americas: ~communitycouncil
>>  - ~ubuntu-membership-board-asia-oceania: ~communitycouncil
>>  - ~ubuntu-membership-board-emea: ~communitycouncil
>>  - ~kubuntu-council: ~kubuntu-members
>>  - ~edubuntu-council: ~edubuntu-members
>>  - ~developer-membership-board: ~ubuntu-dev
>>  - ~techboard: ~ubuntu-dev
>>  - ~communitycouncil: ~ubuntumembers
> I'm not sure how kubuntu-members or edubuntu-members work, but this seems
> sane to me.

AFAIK they are members of ubuntumembers but governed by the Edubuntu and
Kubuntu Councils.

>> In the specific case of CIVS you need mail addresses of all your team
>> members which Launchpad might not want to give you like that. Also does
>> CIVS send out personalised links which might not work via Launchpad's
>> "notify members of this team" link.
> Yes, it does send out personalized links, so it's necessary to get the list
> of email addresses.  We should be able to make this easy, or just have
> someone do it on behalf of the person running the election, because we don't
> have very many elections per year really.

I'm happy for us to default to CIVS, we just need a good way to handle
these elections.

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Have a great day,

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