[storm] How to CREATE DATABASE using Storm

Mario Zito mazito at analyte.com
Wed Apr 21 23:37:33 BST 2010

Hi, All:

I'd like to  to connect to a db server, create a
database, and then start using it. However, it appears that the
Storm api assumes the existence of a database to connect to, before you
can execute some sql. I'm not able to connect to the server without a
database specified.

So, I tried:

    db= create_database("postgres://postgres:password@localhost/postgres")
    cx= db.connect()
    cx.execute("CREATE DATABASE demo_1")

But I get:

  psycopg2.InternalError: CREATE DATABASE cannot run inside a transaction block

I tried some alternatives, like using raw_execute(), but have no success. Is
there a solution to this using Storm ?

I know I can resolve this starting a child process and executing pgsql with
a sql script, but would like a better solution :-)
Thanks !!!

Mario A. Zito
Parana 457, piso 2, of. 'A'
(C1033AAI) Buenos Aires, Argentina
tel: (54-11) 5258-0205 int 138
mazito at analyte.com
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