Toshiba Teases Android Honeycomb Tablet

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On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 12:54 PM, Michael Haney <thezorch at> wrote:
> Contrary to popular belief/FUD, there are Android tablets out on the
> market right now.  Most are unremarkable.  Some are still on the way.
> There's a new one that's slated to be released this Spring from
> Toshiba of all things.
> Their tablet will feature:
> *  Android Honeycomb - The fork of Android that's made for Tablets.
> The demos I've seen at CES 2011 were impressive.  Google is out for
> Apple's blood and I think they finally found the right formula.
> *  Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC - A very powerful dual-core 1GHz ARM processor
> paired up with a Geforce GPU on the same chip.  Can easily push 1080p
> video without breaking a sweat.  Does 3D graphics that puts the iPad
> to shame too.  Only ARM CPUs of this class can run Honeycomb, BTW.
> *  10.1 inch 16:10 Capacitive Touch Screen - Isn't tat about the size
> of the Galaxy Tab?  I know the Tegra 2 can dish out 1080p video so
> this has be a very high res display, and should support the
> multi-touch functionality of Honeycomb nicely.
> *  Ports:  Mini-USB, USB 2.0, HDMI, and full-sized SD Card Slot - Yes,
> this has both a full-sized USB 2.0 port and a mini-USB port.  The mini
> port is supposed to be for syncing and charging your cell phone.  The
> full-sized SD Card slot is a nice surprise since most others use
> MicroSD.
> *  Connectivity:  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - No word yet on whether there
> will be a 3/4G version.  I'm think Toshiba will likely go Apple's
> route and release version with and without cellular connectivity, or
> cellular providers could market it with cell hot spot devices like
> those Verizon sells.
> *  Cameras:  5mp back facing and 2mp front facing - So, you should be
> able to do Skype calls with video using this tablet.
> *  Battery:  No details yet, but it is "user replaceable".  In your face Apple!
> *  Special:  The back cover is replaceable and comes in several
> different colors.
> As for pricing, there's no details yet.  Hopefully its much cheaper
> than the iPad or its not going to be able to compete with it in any
> way.  Honeycomb was created to dethrone the iPad, and this tablet has
> the potential to put a dent in Steve Jobs' armor.  We'll know this
> Spring.

Correction, this tablet will do 720p HD video, not 1080p.  But, I know
that the Tegra 2 is capable of doing 1080p because its been
demonstrated at the 2010 CES.

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