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Jan Claeys lists at
Thu Jan 20 19:53:53 UTC 2011

Liam Proven schreef op do 20-01-2011 om 13:07 [+0000]:
> If the /distributor/ has screwed up & not me the terms of the GPL,
> that does not, AIUI, make the /users/ responsible. IOW the copies of
> Linux are not "illegal", it is the creator/distributor that is falling
> foul. 

It does not make the users _responsible_ (except if they knew it's
illegal and still bought it, probably?), but the firmware still contains
an illegal copy of linux.

E.g. the user can easily ask for a complete refund when returning a
device that contains illegal software (it has a hidden defect).  I'm
sure if that happens often enough, shops will start to require
GPL-compliance from their suppliers...

Jan Claeys

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