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> So, sticking to the actual core of the discussion here, if we are
> talking about people circulating *copies of Linux* versus *copies of
> Windows*, then unless the people doing the circulating have got a
> licensing deal with MICROS~1, *all* such /copies/ of Windows are
> illegal, but *no* /copies/  of Linux are illegal, by its very nature.
> So Jan Claeys' comment that:
> > there are probably as many illegal copies of linux
> > made/sold in China as there are illegal copies of Windows,  
> is in fact dead wrong. It would be lots of copies of perfectly-legal
> Linux versus lots of pirated Windows.

Just so.  I've often thought that Linux does more to prevent software
piracy that anything else.  Those FUD-spreaders who suggest otherwise
are talking out their..  other orifices.

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