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Thu Jan 20 01:42:54 UTC 2011

Douglas Pollard schreef op wo 19-01-2011 om 11:31 [-0500]:
> Watched C-span this morning. Some there are saying that China will now
> enforce  copyright laws more.  This person seemed to think they will
> be buying more software from the US and influence our balance of
> payments..   IF they do enforce the software copy right laws which I
> don't think they will do. Why would any chinese person buy Microsoft
> products when they can simply use Linux. 

Unfortunately, there are probably as many illegal copies of linux
made/sold in China as there are illegal copies of Windows, and if not,
we're not far away from it happening...

See e.g. the following list of Android tablets (most of which are
probably manufactured in China), and count how many are actually legal:

Out of 158 known devices, 18 are legal, for 29 the status is
unknown/unclear, and 111 are illegal.

Add to that the many home gateways, NAS, smart phones, digital TVs, etc.
that use linux (and other GPL software) without appropriate licensing,
and you get a huge number of copyright violations...

Jan Claeys

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