Spain apologises for Linux anti-terror codename

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Thu Jan 13 10:12:02 UTC 2011

    Crackdown on Basque separatist IT experts runs foul of open source

Spanish authorities were forced to apologise for using the codename 
Linux to describe raids on suspected terrorists that netted a "top IT 
expert" for Basque separatist group ETA. <>

British news site /The Register/ reported 
that Cenatic -- a Spanish Government project "to promote knowledge and 
use of open source software in all areas of society" -- issued a 
statement defending the use of the term Linux in the context of the raids.

said in a statement (translated by /The Register/ using Google) 
that the name was chosen because  Government security forces used Linux 
tools for their anti-terror research.

"The Home Office is grateful for the free development of technology 
based on the Linux operating system, driven by users, organisations and 
businesses, and is an extremely useful tool for research by the Forces 
and State Security Forces to ensure the safety of citizens," the Cenatic 
statement read.

"The Ministry of Home Affairs regrets the coincidence between the trade 
name of some companies and other organisations and the damage it may cause.",spain-apologises-for-linux-anti-terror-codename.aspx

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