French politicians want to tax tablets for not running Windows

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I know that this is the off topic list, but it's the off topic list about
Ubuntu/Linux, not the off topic list about one agglomeration of 50
countries or states that have a smaller economy than the European Union.
(USA: 20% GDP PPP, EU: 21% GDP PPP)

On Tue, January 4, 2011 19:39, Doug Pollard wrote:
> On 01/04/2011 11:55 AM, Goh Lip wrote:
>> On Tue, 04 Jan 2011 23:44:37 +0800, Doug Pollard
>> <dougpol1 at> wrote:
>>> On 01/04/2011 08:02 AM, Goh Lip wrote:
>>>> On 01/04/2011 03:43 PM, Samuel Thurston wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 1:26 AM, Goh Lip<g.lip at>  wrote:
>>>>>> I would not disparage their anger or lack of understanding, for
>>>>>> they have
>>>>>> contributed much and received far less.
>>>>> Anger, I don't disparage.  The lack of understanding I still have
>>>>> trouble with.
>>> So we are to think that Communism, Socialism and Fascism are only
>>> labels applied by the right.  On the other hand Capitalism is a man
>>> eating monster that is the tool of conservatives.  Sorry guys that
>>> kind of thinking bears the mark of a lack of knowledge and political
>>> subversion. In the first place Capitalism is not a form of Government
>>> it is a form of freedom for any who wish to rise above the level of
>>> employee.    We consumers are all free to be capitalists and most of
>>> us are in a small sense. When you put money in the bank or buy a CD
>>> you are investing business. Even buying insurance is a kind of
>>> investment though a lousy one.
>>>      If you manage to save a little money in a socialist society
>>> what do you do with it. You can't earn interest because Governments
>>> do not earn money they only print it.  There is no capitaism to place
>>> your savings with.  You hide your money under the mattress where it
>>> earns no interst to cover Government created taxes by inflation of
>>> money.
>>>      Here in the US the first three Governemnts are against the law
>>> of the land. The law being our constitution.  This is the only
>>> country in the world where Federal Government is limited in duties by
>>> a sovereign people. It is also the only Nation where the citizens are
>>> sovereign as written into law by it's constitution.
>>>     Most Europeans have the right to be socialists, which is a
>>> communist term for entry communism. Fascism is socialism that allows
>>> capitalism except it is run by Government and allows a profit on
>>> investment only.  Which is not Capitalism. All of these Governments
>>> are subversive in the USA because they take away sovereign individual
>>> rights and every person must become a subject of Government.
>>>      In France Zarcozee ( Spelling)  is an advocate of a more
>>> concervative Government though he can't be said to be on the right by
>>> any stretch.  He is also a democrat.  As such he is dependent on the
>>> French vote. If he and his Governement is taking bribes from
>>> Microsoft he will be found out and it is against the law there unlike
>>> here in America.  Here in the US we have legalized the taking of
>>> bribes from business by way of lobbying and campayne gifts.  We hear
>>> on the news about how crooked the Afghan Government is while ours is
>>> taking only legal bribes.  We are so corrupt here that we have made
>>> this illegal activity by Government legal and desirable.
>>>      China has now evolved from Communism as do all communist and
>>> socialist Governments to Fascism.  Our corporations have moved our
>>> business to a Fascist China where they have no protection from
>>> Government would they have done that if they had protection here and
>>> in Europe??
>>>      What is drinking the cool aid?  Is invoking it it a way of
>>> making a political  statement without saying anything?
>>>      Sorry guys every time I try to shut up somebody calls me a name.
>>>                          Doug
>> Doug, first, I do not doubt your sincerity and your hopes for a better
>> country that you live in, and I, not being your countryman wish that
>> to be so too, so that it would be a better world, as long as this is
>> not done at my expense. Second, I did not call you names and I have no
>> intention to do so. Third, to allege lack of knowledge and political
>> subversion (wow, that's heavy in the land of the free) would require
>> persuasions rooted in credible resources and not just what you think
>> it is or should be.
>> May I recommend the following reading materials....
>> Adam Smith, The wealth of nations.
>> Adam Smith, The theory of moral sentiments.
>> Karl Heinrich Marx, The critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right
>> Karl Heinrich Marx, The Communist Manifesto.
>> To understand your country's global objectives.
>> Chalmers Johnson, any of his 3 books
>> Project for the new American century -
>> Noam Chomsky, The manufacture of consent.
>> Perhaps other non-us thinkers, just 3...
>> Khushwant Singh
>> Li Ao
>> Niall Ferguson
>> Oh, Franco's Spain, that's where the term fascism is first referred
>> to, socialism? That's a stretch. Musolini's Italy, another of
>> fascism's reference, socialist? Quite another stretch. And "Kool Aid",
>> Nathan has referred to a web-site on this. Hope you've read it too. I
>> haven't. But I know what's he's talking about.
>> Good luck - Goh Lip
> Actually I think Fascism came from  the Maccabees of Scotland several
> hundred years ago. It is not new as in the 20th century.  But all your
> examples are valid.  As to Mussolini's thoughts on Socialism. He was
> arrested in Switzerland in the 1920's for advocating communism and the
> violent subversive overthrow of the government. He went from socialism,
> to fascism, because it was the path of least resistance. It's
> disadvantages were mostly unknown so he had a huge following here in the
> US art community and in the liberal political view where he was thought
> to be a hero of the masses. The reason these country became fascist was
> because they had no safeguards in socialist Government to keep it from
> turning into despotism as it did in Spain, Germany and Italy.
>      The failing Soviet Union deteriorated into fascism as did the
> Chinese, Vietnamese and every other socialist Government. I am now
> hearing on the news that the Chinese are now Capitalist. WOW!
>      I have read most of the books among the first group you suggest and
> they are great books if you are interested in the subject. Even Karl
> Marx 's writings were great in that they influenced child labor laws and
> unionization.  That worked out to be a good thing. So there are very few
> ideas that are all bad.
>      As a young man I attend communist party meetings in Baltimore
> Maryland where I grew up.  It did not take me long to understand what
> they were about.   My first wife was a communist until she died a few
> years ago. We divorced because of it. We had, had a wonderful time for
> some years saving the world from capitalism.  Of course you know there
> is no capitalist like and ex-communist :-)     In truth I was not a
> communist but instead more  a curious bystander.
>      The problem I have with what I have been saying is my words are not
> strong enough to describe the insidious nature of those kinds of
> Governments.  They never make a bold move or statement until they are
> ready. Most countries that have tried socialism never saw it coming. The
> true socialists were only about 7 or8 percent of the voters. The rest of
> the population was duped into thinking it could not happen here.
>      As to backing up with proof, what I think is, I don't know why I
> should. This is a discussion group where we give opinions and no proof
> is needed where opinions are concerned. If I want to go into all that I
> will write a book and you guys can buy it.
>      As to the French, they may be blackmailing Microsoft with a, this
> could be you, thing or just taking tax money from the public where they
> can get it.    Now now blackmail is a distinct possibility. It is
> possible they have taken a page out of our Governments
> book.                Doug
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