French politicians want to tax tablets for not running Windows

Doug Pollard dougpol1 at
Wed Jan 5 02:15:17 UTC 2011

On 01/04/2011 08:13 PM, Robert Holtzman wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 04, 2011 at 10:44:37AM -0500, Doug Pollard wrote:
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> It's neither. It's an economic system.
> Are you seriously saying that Communism, Socialism and Fascism are
> outlawed in the constitution?
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>>    Yes of course you are right. No man goes in buisness to proffit the country or the consumer or the general public, but instead for their stock holders and thenselves.  In the other forms of Government no one goes in buisness.  Since the buisnesses that Governments run all fail, their is no benefit to anyone. In such a buisness mine and your children will never own a buisness. They will be destined to march in lockstep to the tune of a chairman or president of a single Government party.
     I am seriously saying those forms of Government are outlawed by the 
constitution. They can only operate with complete control of the country 
allowing no control by the citizens. It is the nature of the Communists 
and the socialist that they must own and control all business and that 
is illegal.  It is the nature of fascism that even though not owning the 
countries business they must control it.   But I am also saying that our 
present Government is also illegal.  The power was given to the States, 
the people and only those powers not allocated to them was to go the the 
Federal Government.  The Fed. was to be entitled to fight wars, control 
interstate commerce and levy taxes for these purposes. I think there was 
one other but it escapes me right now.They have within the constitution 
no right to educate, control fire arms, supply medical care and a host 
of other things they are doing without authority.
     Had I written books and gone on radio with this thinking you would 
be saying it was the Tea party that drank my cool aid if thats what you 
want to call it because I started raising hell about it long befor there 
was a Tea party.  I voted for John F. Kennedy but then switched to the 
Republican party.  I consider them only slightly better than the 
Democrats.  Our constitution only allowes for a very limited  federal 
Government anything else is illegal.       Read it! 

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