French politicians want to tax tablets for not running Windows

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>>>>> I would not disparage their anger or lack of understanding, for 
>>>>> they have
>>>>> contributed much and received far less.
>>>> Anger, I don't disparage.  The lack of understanding I still have 
>>>> trouble with.
>> So we are to think that Communism, Socialism and Fascism are only 
>> labels applied by the right.  On the other hand Capitalism is a man 
>> eating monster that is the tool of conservatives.  Sorry guys that 
>> kind of thinking bears the mark of a lack of knowledge and political 
>> subversion. In the first place Capitalism is not a form of Government 
>> it is a form of freedom for any who wish to rise above the level of 
>> employee.    We consumers are all free to be capitalists and most of 
>> us are in a small sense. When you put money in the bank or buy a CD 
>> you are investing business. Even buying insurance is a kind of 
>> investment though a lousy one.
>>      If you manage to save a little money in a socialist society  
>> what do you do with it. You can't earn interest because Governments 
>> do not earn money they only print it.  There is no capitaism to place 
>> your savings with.  You hide your money under the mattress where it 
>> earns no interst to cover Government created taxes by inflation of 
>> money.
>>      Here in the US the first three Governemnts are against the law 
>> of the land. The law being our constitution.  This is the only 
>> country in the world where Federal Government is limited in duties by 
>> a sovereign people. It is also the only Nation where the citizens are 
>> sovereign as written into law by it's constitution.
>>     Most Europeans have the right to be socialists, which is a 
>> communist term for entry communism. Fascism is socialism that allows 
>> capitalism except it is run by Government and allows a profit on 
>> investment only.  Which is not Capitalism. All of these Governments 
>> are subversive in the USA because they take away sovereign individual 
>> rights and every person must become a subject of Government.
>>      In France Zarcozee ( Spelling)  is an advocate of a more 
>> concervative Government though he can't be said to be on the right by 
>> any stretch.  He is also a democrat.  As such he is dependent on the 
>> French vote. If he and his Governement is taking bribes from 
>> Microsoft he will be found out and it is against the law there unlike 
>> here in America.  Here in the US we have legalized the taking of 
>> bribes from business by way of lobbying and campayne gifts.  We hear 
>> on the news about how crooked the Afghan Government is while ours is 
>> taking only legal bribes.  We are so corrupt here that we have made 
>> this illegal activity by Government legal and desirable.
>>      China has now evolved from Communism as do all communist and 
>> socialist Governments to Fascism.  Our corporations have moved our 
>> business to a Fascist China where they have no protection from 
>> Government would they have done that if they had protection here and 
>> in Europe??
>>      What is drinking the cool aid?  Is invoking it it a way of 
>> making a political  statement without saying anything?
>>      Sorry guys every time I try to shut up somebody calls me a name.
>>                          Doug
> Doug, first, I do not doubt your sincerity and your hopes for a better 
> country that you live in, and I, not being your countryman wish that 
> to be so too, so that it would be a better world, as long as this is 
> not done at my expense. Second, I did not call you names and I have no 
> intention to do so. Third, to allege lack of knowledge and political 
> subversion (wow, that's heavy in the land of the free) would require 
> persuasions rooted in credible resources and not just what you think 
> it is or should be.
> May I recommend the following reading materials....
> Adam Smith, The wealth of nations.
> Adam Smith, The theory of moral sentiments.
> Karl Heinrich Marx, The critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right
> Karl Heinrich Marx, The Communist Manifesto.
> To understand your country's global objectives.
> Chalmers Johnson, any of his 3 books
> Project for the new American century -
> Noam Chomsky, The manufacture of consent.
> Perhaps other non-us thinkers, just 3...
> Khushwant Singh
> Li Ao
> Niall Ferguson
> Oh, Franco's Spain, that's where the term fascism is first referred 
> to, socialism? That's a stretch. Musolini's Italy, another of 
> fascism's reference, socialist? Quite another stretch. And "Kool Aid", 
> Nathan has referred to a web-site on this. Hope you've read it too. I 
> haven't. But I know what's he's talking about.
> Good luck - Goh Lip
Actually I think Fascism came from  the Maccabees of Scotland several 
hundred years ago. It is not new as in the 20th century.  But all your 
examples are valid.  As to Mussolini's thoughts on Socialism. He was 
arrested in Switzerland in the 1920's for advocating communism and the 
violent subversive overthrow of the government. He went from socialism, 
to fascism, because it was the path of least resistance. It's 
disadvantages were mostly unknown so he had a huge following here in the 
US art community and in the liberal political view where he was thought 
to be a hero of the masses. The reason these country became fascist was 
because they had no safeguards in socialist Government to keep it from 
turning into despotism as it did in Spain, Germany and Italy.
     The failing Soviet Union deteriorated into fascism as did the 
Chinese, Vietnamese and every other socialist Government. I am now 
hearing on the news that the Chinese are now Capitalist. WOW!
     I have read most of the books among the first group you suggest and 
they are great books if you are interested in the subject. Even Karl 
Marx 's writings were great in that they influenced child labor laws and 
unionization.  That worked out to be a good thing. So there are very few 
ideas that are all bad.
     As a young man I attend communist party meetings in Baltimore 
Maryland where I grew up.  It did not take me long to understand what 
they were about.   My first wife was a communist until she died a few 
years ago. We divorced because of it. We had, had a wonderful time for 
some years saving the world from capitalism.  Of course you know there 
is no capitalist like and ex-communist :-)     In truth I was not a 
communist but instead more  a curious bystander.
     The problem I have with what I have been saying is my words are not 
strong enough to describe the insidious nature of those kinds of 
Governments.  They never make a bold move or statement until they are 
ready. Most countries that have tried socialism never saw it coming. The 
true socialists were only about 7 or8 percent of the voters. The rest of 
the population was duped into thinking it could not happen here.
     As to backing up with proof, what I think is, I don't know why I 
should. This is a discussion group where we give opinions and no proof 
is needed where opinions are concerned. If I want to go into all that I 
will write a book and you guys can buy it.
     As to the French, they may be blackmailing Microsoft with a, this 
could be you, thing or just taking tax money from the public where they 
can get it.    Now now blackmail is a distinct possibility. It is 
possible they have taken a page out of our Governments 
book.                Doug

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