French politicians want to tax tablets for not running Windows

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>>      I am skeptical of the whole thing.  Most of the time Governments
>>    pick out the underdog and take from the wealthy for the poor to
>>    garner votes.  Why would they side with big bad Microsoft,  there is
>>    no glory in that.  Sounds like one more Internet cry of wolf at the
>>    door.                   Doug
>> D.P.--
>> Please tell me that you're joking; irony doesn't translate very well to
>> the written word.
>> --N.B.
> He lives on a different planet. Over here in Hong Kong, the legislators
> make a lot of noise, say that something needed doing and then wait for the
> public to forget. Just like the recent noise about making property
> developers be more 'transparent' which ended up with nothing being done.
> Things are slowly going rotten over here but people do notice. I had an
> elderly person tell me that things were much better when the Brits were
> still governing the territory. You'd never see rust in the pipes he said.
> You'd get much more efficient service too he said. But then that is only
> because they were being scrutinized a lot more so public services had to
> look the part. Even so, they still managed to get some secret deal with big
> companies like property developers going. Of course, I cannot say for sure
> that the governor then had anything to do with it but either way, no matter
> how good the intentions of individuals even if they are in charge, they just
> cannot fix human governments.
> A government taking from the wealthy for the poor? That would be the
> exception, not the rule. Even here in Hong Kong where you might get some
> semblance of taking from the wealthy in the form of scaling property taxes
> and income taxes, it mostly serves to just build up the government treasury.
> Very little of the yearly surplus is given to the poor. BTW, the Hong Kong
> government does not need votes. Funny how this one kinda does what Doug is
> saying but those that get voted in don't. Must be the fact that it is still
> under scrutiny although by a different combination of eyes.

I fear that Doug Pollard has drunk the
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