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>     And Canonical/Ubuntu/Shuttleworth is on board:
>     <quote>
>     Mark Shuttleworth, founder and major shareholder of Canonical, the
>     makers of Ubuntu, has declared: "Office productivity software is a
>     critical component of the free software desktop, and the Ubuntu
>     Project
>     will be pleased to ship LibreOffice from The Document Foundation in
>     future releases of Ubuntu. The Document Foundation's stewardship of
>     LibreOffice provides Ubuntu developers an effective forum for
>     collaboration around the code that makes Ubuntu an effective solution
>     for the desktop in office environments".
>     </quote>
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> Is this any indication of distrust Larry Ellison & Co.?
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This is an indication that OOo is open source and that forks (just like
Neo Office - years ago) happen. For all kinds of reason. Was Neo Office
an indication of distrust of Scott McNealy? No. It was filling a
specific gap (lack of proper OOo on MacOS). The people behind
LibreOffice have their reasons. Maybe they want to stress the "open
standard" statements of "Document Foundation" (independence).

Note that the page says "collective effort by leading independent
members of the FORMER community"... which is incorrect...
it should be "collective effort by leading independent FORMER members of
the community"

The community isn't former. It's the members who are (and even that is
debatable, since they will contribute back - they are forced to, the
code is GPL). Oracle continues Open Office development as a community
and will welcome feedback, and contributions from Libre Office community
as it does from any other community contributing member.

This is a good, and natural process in the open source world (Ubuntu is
a fork on Debian, Firefox is a fork on Mozilla project, is a fork
on Xfree86, etc).

(disclaimer, I'm a former employee of Sun, now at Oracle, and YES former
employee of Sun, not employee of former Sun, since Sun still exists in a
few countries as a legal entity)
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