Sometimes they DO listen?

C. F. Howlett seattlechaz at
Wed Sep 22 01:23:08 BST 2010

Sadly, my library, like so many, is top heavy with Micro$oft titles.  It
then begrudges a certain amount of shelf space to Mac and gives what
little is left to Open Source titles.  I've been quite frustrated in
finding Ubuntu and FLOSS titles, so I've been submitting regular
inter-library loan requests and purchase suggestions.   

Lo and behold, what do I spy on the computer shelf today?  Scribus: The
Official Manual!  AND a brand new edition of Absolute FreeBSD!

Moral of the story: submit interlibrary loan and purchase requests.  The
more requests for specific titles librarians receive, the more inclined
they'll be to decide such requests favorably.  Strengthen your arguments
for library additions with articles and reviews.  

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