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Wed Sep 15 17:59:00 BST 2010

Op woensdag 08-09-2010 om 13:39 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Liam
> The issue is not "Ubuntu doesn't  always auto-detect monitors". It is
> "Ubuntu really needs a GUI for forcibly selecting modes it has not
> detected". 

One problem is: if there would be such a GUI (by default), people won't
report bugs about auto-detection anymore...  ;-)

OTOH, maybe a tool that can be installed optionally might be useful,
because in certain (uncommon) cases detection can't work properly, e.g.
many cheap KVM switches.

Maybe we should add this to 'jockey'?  If the resolution can not be
detected, then offer to install the fixed resolution tool (or maybe make
it a plugin of the current configuration dialog).  In that case it
should also offer to submit an automatic bug report (or maybe submit it
to a specialized database), so that we can see which hardware/software
combinations cause such problems?

Jan Claeys

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