The Final Straw

David Gerard dgerard at
Wed Sep 8 15:42:24 BST 2010

On 8 September 2010 15:36, Chris Puttick <cputtick at> wrote:

> Ahh, no, not necessarily - I can give you two specific instances in
> which auto-detection will not work (even for those using modern
> Microsoft or Apple operating systems <gasp>) and why, therefore, there
> needs to be a SAX2 app *for those that need it* so the resolution can
> be correctly set (and stored such that the crazy auto-config system
> doesn't over-write it on next boot):

There's quite a bit of older kit (i.e., anything not recent Intel, ATI
or Nouveau-covered), of the sort that someone might try this Ubuntu
thing on, where autodetection doesn't quite work in Xorg.

- d.

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