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Wed Sep 8 14:44:14 BST 2010

On 8 September 2010 14:23, David Gerard <dgerard at> wrote:
> On 8 September 2010 14:23, David Gerard <dgerard at> wrote:
>> Yes. Xorg is very good at guessing what it's running on, but it's
>> *not* perfect, and assuming it is leads only to heartbreak and
>> demanding that people with machines under two years old edit Xorg.conf
>> if they want this "user-friendly" Linux distro to run.
> Over. Bah.

I didn't even notice.

One additional detail: I do think this is a distro-specific issue.

I must confess that I am not up to date on my SUSE experience, but way
back when 'Buntu was young, it's what I migrated across from. OpenSUSE
9.2 I think.

Back then, SUSE had excellent monitor configuration tools, and Ubuntu
had crap ones. Yet they ran the same version of X11. I used to
dual-boot and I kept SUSE alive for years just so I could run SUSE,
set up my screens how I wanted, then copy the xorg.conf (xfree86.conf
in the early days, I think) file across to my Ubuntu install.

I don't know if SUSE still has such good tools; alas, as autodetection
caught on, management tools have deteriorated. It was the same with
ISA. In the days of ISA, you could specify IRQs, DMAs, etc. Then as
PCI caught on, the tools to manually set these things just disappeared
- even though it's still a very useful tool, just occasionally.

It is not the fault of; it is a problem in Ubuntu's tools to

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