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Michael Haney thezorch at
Wed Sep 8 08:22:39 BST 2010

Several versions ago Ubuntu once had a feature where you could go to
the same window where you selected your screen resolution, then click
on a tab and manually select your monitor hardware.  After this
feature was removed myself a very large number of others have had
problems with Ubuntu.  The main problem is we cannot install the 3D
accelerated drivers, because if we do our screen resolution is limited
to an unusable 640x480.

Manually editing the xorg.conf file is the only option at this point,
but its not something the average user can do on their own, so many
give up.  I've seen a lot of new users throw up their hands in disgust
and abandon ever trying Ubuntu because of this problem.  I've
submitted a Bug Report about the problem and even posted in the Ubuntu
QA list about it, I've begged and pleased, and for more than a year
now there's been nothing done.  No progress has been made to fix this
issue at all.  Its considered a "low priority", yet more people than I
can count have been effected by this problem.

So, I created a Petition to force the issue.

If this doesn't work I'll make another one and another and another
until someone at Canonical finally pulls their head out of the sand
and realizes something needs to be done to fix this.

Michael "TheZorch" Haney
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