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> Too quiet.
> Haven't seen a Sounder post in a long while.  You all playing Hide &
> Seek and forgot to tell me.  LOL
> Well, another Ubuntu release is right around the corner.  I'm not
> entirely certain what's going to be in this next version.  What I've
> heard is sketchy.  The one thing I have heard is that Shuttleworth
> wants to "beautify" Ubuntu.  It started with 10.04 when the window
> buttons were moved to a more Mac-like position, and some nice new
> themes were released.  Version 10.04 also saw the end of the HAL and
> arrival of something called DeviceKit which seems to be working pretty
> well so far.  At least for me.  The removal of the HAL has
> dramatically sped up boot times rather significantly, especially on my
> AMD Athlon XP 1.2GHz dinosaur.
> What are you expecting or hoping to see in the next major release version
> 10.10?
> Anyone here a part of the Beta?
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Michael Haney--


Joking aside, it would appear that there isn't much on people's minds.....
(and also  *a* LOT of people place "OT" topics in the technical listserve)..

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