sounder Digest, Vol 68, Issue 12

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Thu Mar 25 01:11:49 GMT 2010

On Thursday, March 25, 2010 08:53 AM, David Sanders wrote:
>> YEAH RIGHT. Do people choose Windows? Nah. Do people choose Ubuntu over
>> Kubuntu/Xubuntu/whatever? Nah. For the same reason they use Windows. I
>> would rather use Mac OS X or even Windows were it not for the risk of
>> getting infected than Ubuntu. I run Kubuntu Hardy and Kubuntu Jaunty. I
>> stopped using OpenSolaris with its GNOME desktop and switched to a less
>> stable Kubuntu because GNOME sucks. If Sun were not part of the GNOME
>> foundation and actually put a bit of effort into getting qt and KDE on
>> OpenSolaris, I'd kiss Kubuntu goodbye.
> Eh? Don't get your parallel here. How is Ubuntu like Windows? It
> doesn't (in a massive majority of cases) come pre-installed, which
> means people have to *choose* to use it, so we can apply a measure of
> preference to the user numbers. It must also be impressing a hell of a
> lot of people to get the following it has now.

Show me Kubuntu on In fact, tell me if anybody 
ever talks about Kubuntu to the media. People most certainly DO NOT 
choose to install Ubuntu. They install it because that is all they know 
or hear about.

> Just because *you* dislike the default and switched to Kubuntu, it
> doesn't mean that there's suddenly a majority, or that your single
> case swings the balance on public opinion.

I am sorry but I did not switch to Kubuntu. I know where to get Kubuntu 
and I know the difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu and Xubuntu. I can 
therefore make an INFORMED choice and not just slap Ubuntu on because 
every Tom, Dick and Harry I know is trying it. There is no public 
opinion for Ubuntu versus Kubuntu because the public knows squat about 
Kubuntu or that it even exists and that goes for Xubuntu too.

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