sounder Digest, Vol 68, Issue 12

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Thu Mar 25 00:40:45 GMT 2010

On Thursday, March 25, 2010 04:05 AM, David Sanders wrote:
>>> the best godsdamned fit, finish, polish and integration in the Linux
>>> industry,
>> Well, I'd love to see some feedback from the SuSE/Redhat/Mint
>> communities to that claim...
>> Ok. Sure. The GUI choice that gets the bulk of the development
>> resource is more polished. How about we try a couple of cycles of
>> development using a better base GUI and see which would be more
>> polished then?
> The proof is in the numbers. More home users use Ubuntu than any other
> flavour of Linux. This is not due to the "I use it at work" aspect of
> Windows, it's simply because it's the most appealing, easy to use
> flavour of Linux and it has spread mainly, as is normal, by
> word-of-mouth.
> When there are as many people choosing to use a KDE-based distro, we
> can argue about the pros and cons. Until that time, the majority have
> voted with their feet (and install discs).

YEAH RIGHT. Do people choose Windows? Nah. Do people choose Ubuntu over 
Kubuntu/Xubuntu/whatever? Nah. For the same reason they use Windows. I 
would rather use Mac OS X or even Windows were it not for the risk of 
getting infected than Ubuntu. I run Kubuntu Hardy and Kubuntu Jaunty. I 
stopped using OpenSolaris with its GNOME desktop and switched to a less 
stable Kubuntu because GNOME sucks. If Sun were not part of the GNOME 
foundation and actually put a bit of effort into getting qt and KDE on 
OpenSolaris, I'd kiss Kubuntu goodbye.

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