multi TB storage

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Thu Mar 25 00:31:37 GMT 2010

>> That is kind of what I am looking for. I will be building something that
>> will eventually take 36 disks and just wondered if anyone at all uses
>> Ubuntu to any serious storage.
>> I will be running a Windows 2008 guest to boot too while also doing the
>> job of a file server, I am currently mulling over backup possibilities
>> and whether to run hardware raid or software raid. Backup wise, I kind
>> of need half hourly snapshot capabilities (can't have kids/teachers lose
>> their last hour of work...) but it does not seem that that will be
>> possible with Ubuntu or at least I have not heard anything in this
>> regard. That requirement does not apply to the Windows 2008 guest.
> I use hardware Raid on that Dell server with a Dell PERC6/e card.  For

Ho hum, that does not really say much. Are you going to use raid5 with 
30 disks with spares? raid6? I am also planning to cut costs by using a 
200USD or so hba or two and software raid to manage the lot versus 
getting something five times more expensive with just 512MB of bbu 
cache. I mean, if I am going to use raid10, why bother with a raid 
controller when the performance differences will be rather slight? If it 
were raid5/6 that will be used, then yeah, give me a raid controller 
with lots of cache.

> an simple way to setup a snapshot system in Ubuntu, you can use
> rsnapshot from the Ubuntu repositories.

Interesting. hard links and rsync eh? Do you think it can manage 
rotations of 2000 for data over 500GB in size?

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