sounder Digest, Vol 68, Issue 12

David Sanders dsuzukisanders at
Wed Mar 24 20:05:03 GMT 2010

>> the best godsdamned fit, finish, polish and integration in the Linux
>> industry,
> Well, I'd love to see some feedback from the SuSE/Redhat/Mint
> communities to that claim...
> Ok. Sure. The GUI choice that gets the bulk of the development
> resource is more polished. How about we try a couple of cycles of
> development using a better base GUI and see which would be more
> polished then?

The proof is in the numbers. More home users use Ubuntu than any other
flavour of Linux. This is not due to the "I use it at work" aspect of
Windows, it's simply because it's the most appealing, easy to use
flavour of Linux and it has spread mainly, as is normal, by

When there are as many people choosing to use a KDE-based distro, we
can argue about the pros and cons. Until that time, the majority have
voted with their feet (and install discs).

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