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Sat Mar 6 17:59:28 GMT 2010

Op donderdag 04-03-2010 om 15:00 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Avi
> What Evolution's got above the others is pretty poor Exchange support
> (as against the others having none). I can't think of anything that
> Evolution struck me as doing particularly well. 

It has support for groupwise (which no other open source program has, I
think?), caldav calendars (which most other collaboration clients
don't--they often only support read-only web-calendars), tnef/itip
attachments (some proprietary Microsoft format?), proper support for
MIME-digests (which makes it possible to answer to one particular mail
even if you set the mailing list to send you a digest of mailing list
mail every week or so--this way the topic, reference-headers, etc. are
all correct), proper mailing list support (Thunderbird has limited
mailing list support since v3, but even 10 years after the original bug
report it's less than what Evolution has supported all that time).  And
that's just a limited list...  ;)

OTOH, Evolution has several things that could be better too, e.g. it's a
big somewhat monolithic application, it has memory leaks, in general it
isn't optimised to limit memory usage, it has almost no developers, etc.

Jan Claeys

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