Thunderbird 3 is a pain in the neck

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at
Mon Mar 1 15:16:55 GMT 2010

>>> Records are read sequentially, unless there is an index (some kind of
>>> binary tree) to speed up queries. MySQL is actually quite similar to old
>>> skool dBase from that point of view.
>> That is why I have heard people call it a toy. *prepares asbestos suit*
> I carefully crafted that line about MySQL in the hope that someone else
> (i.e. you) would take the bait. :-p
> *goes into nucular bomb shelter*

Bah! I was going to say mysql isam is table = file anyway until you 
pointed out it is outdated. Anyway, it appears that there are no mysql 
fanboys here. I'll take off my suit. Who needs flame throwers, i'm 
cooking already! Good crowd here on this list. postgresql is a real 
database. banzai!

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