Should you store treasured data on disks?

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Mon Jun 28 00:18:47 BST 2010

On 26-06-10 15:02, David Gerard wrote:
> On 26 June 2010 12:11, Chan Chung Hang Christopher
> <christopher.chan at>  wrote:
>> The most expensive should be the ones that last the longest - gold CD-Rs
>> were commanding top dollar compared to the reds/blues/greens with one
>> gold CD-R being worth a whole stack of the latter kind. But that was
>> years ago...
>> Not sure how things stand today.
> If a disk is advertised as "archival", with 100 years' life, that
> means the manufacturer did their best to ascertain that it will really
> last that long and that they are making a claim they think is true.
> You need to keep it in suitable conditions, of course (i.e. not next
> to the heater,not next to the kettle).
> Personally, I use the "lots of copies" strategy. I back up my hard
> disks to DVD every now and then, and also have twin 1.5TB hard disks
> for media (CDs in FLAC, that sort of thing). I should keep a bundle of
> important stuff on DVD at work ... This is just using cheap generic
> DVDs, but "more than one copy" is IMO a very powerful strategy here.
> - d.
Real Men(tm) don't make backups, they upload their stuff to an ftp 
server and let the rest of the world mirror it. ;-)
(cookie if you know who said that)

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