Apple released their iPad

Paul Sladen ubuntu at
Thu Jan 28 16:54:32 GMT 2010

On Thu, 28 Jan 2010, Michael Haney wrote:
> By itself the iPad isn't all that bad,

The key to Apple's products is "just working" _software_ that follows the
90%-10% rule---software that performs common tasks exceedingly well and
which ignores less frequently used options.

> iPad apps [...] subject to the same schizophrenic approval process
> Treating developers the way they do isn't good business. [...]

On the contary, the iStore approval processes appears to have been excellent
business _for_ Apple, Inc.  It's that 90%-10% rule again.  Plus, there's the
additional benefit of the PR column-inches whenever there's an uproar.

We have similiar (but more onerous) requirements for inclusion in Ubuntu,
and particularly the 'main' component---quality and the availablilty of
source code.  There are people who grumble that Ubuntu's and Debian's
policies about what software is included are also complex---there are
others that value that oversight.

> This is where netbooks have [Apple's iPad] beat.

At the moment "a Netbook" is a minimally cut-down x86 laptop.  Time will
tell if Apple's iPad family takes market share from smartphone, from
laptops, from netbooks, or x86 tablet---the iPad is not out for 1-3 months,
so it's too early to make presumption; it would be interesting to review
this in a year when we've got another two Ubuntu releases out of the door.

Several OEMs have started to switch to concentrate on "smartbooks"---which
bare more resemblance to scaled up smartphones with ARM processors, often
running Android or Ubuntu UNE.  For Apple to do the same is logical.  It's
a controlled, predictable environment, excellent for power-saving, and
without 30 years of baggage and legacy BIOS included.

> Basically, Apple jumped the shark.

A couple of years ago I working in the midst of a bunch of ex-Nokia
engineers during the time that the iPhone launched---they all panned the
iPhone for concentrating on usability over features, and yet, it shifts
100,000 units *per day*. If somebody doesn't like the iPad or comphrensive
one-click integration, then don't buy one---buy a smartbook running Ubuntu

Perhaps (more pragmatically), you'd like to acquire an iPad and assist with
the libiphone-related projects with any new tweaks needed for the iPad---to
ensure that it syncing works out of the box as easily (or even easier) on
Ubuntu as it does on other platforms.

                        -*-   -*-   -*-

> [The iPad] can play 1080p HD movies from the iTunes Store

According to:

it can decode 720p streams (which makes sense, given the 1024x768 resolution
screen), at stream rates of up to 2.5 Mbit/s---both higher than the original

> like the iPhone there is NO Adobe Flash support

What is the number one cause of browser crashes on Ubuntu?  What is the
primary CPU user (cause of battery drain) when browsing on Ubuntu?

Why do one side of a triangle when you can do all three.  Somewhere, GB.

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