Is it still 2003?

Conrad Knauer atheoi at
Mon Jan 18 15:17:10 GMT 2010

The usual: "all versions of Internet Explorer were affected by the
security flaw"

Good advice: "and recommended that people use an alternative browser."

WTH? "However, security experts say that computer users should only
use a different web browser if they are confident they know what
they're doing. "My advice is to only switch from Internet Explorer if
you really know what you are doing with the browser you're swapping
to," said Graham Cluley, a senior security advisor at Sophos.
"Otherwise it might be a case of 'better the devil you know'. Every
browser has its security issues, so switching may remove this current
risk but could expose you to another."

Is it still 2003? "My guess is that Microsoft will be working hard to
release an out-of-band patch for the vulnerability. They will be keen
to fix the serious security problem before more damage is done to
Internet Explorer's reputation.""

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