Hardy->Karmic booting locked-room mystery

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 23:38:52 GMT 2010

Here's a locked-room mystery for you.

Dell Latitude C610 laptop. Has no CD drive and doesn't boot from USB.
Windows on the first partition, I put Debian Etch on from floppies for
the second partition.

I upgraded Etch to Hardy. This worked fine, the system still booted fine.

I upgraded Hardy to Karmic. Whoops ... it won't boot now!

GRUB doesn't appear to recognise the UUID of the Ubuntu partition.

I managed to boot the laptop into Windows by telling GRUB by hand
"chainloader (hd0,0)+1" - though of course I'll need to do that every
time I boot it.

So. How do I tell GRUB to boot into Ubuntu? Remember: there's no CD
drive, and it doesn't boot from USB. I could make up Debian Etch
floppies again, if I thought they'd work ... I could set up a PXEboot
server ... or I could type something into GRUB to get it to at least
boot so I can install GRUB 2.

(I am told the problem is that Hardy uses GRUB 1 and Karmic uses GRUB
2. I shoulda known better than to assume an Ubuntu upgrade would
actually be straightforward ...)

- d.

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