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> Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
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> > 
> >>> My guess is that thanks to this list (amongst others) it got a bit
> >>> too much publicity and they didn't want it known that they were
> >>> looking for that position. Now I regret not making a complete dump
> >>> of that page for my archives. :(
> >> I still have it open if you or anybody else is interested...
> >>
> > I'd like a copy if you don't mind.  A message eddressed as a reply
> > will get to me. I think they are (were) looking for someone
> > to /compete/ with Linux/Open Office, not interact or virtualize. Is
> > that your reading of it, too?
> Marketing job, something about leads, definitely about competing with 
> Open Office and Linux servers.
Yes, it was an offer for the job as," Global Linux and Open Office
Compete Lead, US Subsidiary (CSI Lead)."

CSI=Commercial Software Initiative

"The core mission of CSI is to win share against Linux and by designing and driving marketing programs, changing
perceptions, engaging with Open Source communities and organizations,
and drive internal readiness on how to compete with Commercial Linux
and participate with Open Source Communities."

And thanks for the copy, Christopher.

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