Microsoft is hiring a "linuxman"

Liam Proven lproven at
Mon Jan 4 23:45:39 GMT 2010

> 2010/1/4 Samuel Thurston, III <sam.thurston at>:
>> I think it's probably a fine strategy for them, since virtual servers
>> could mean more sales of Win7 Sever or whatever they're calling it
>> these days.  And it's good for IT dept's too, because if you have to
>> run Windows in your org. for corporate reasons, it's probably a good
>> idea to virtualize (security, stability, etc.), and I would think that
>> makes for an easier migration path to solaris or linux, phasing
>> virtual servers would be significantly easier than the physical ones.

Ahh, they've had such people for years. HP employed Bruce Perens for a
while, although sadly I don't think he achieved a lot - notably, they
wouldn't open-source HP OpenMail, a Unix-based Exchange Server- and
Outlook-compatible groupware server that was considerably more
scalable than the "real thing".

The big commercial S/W houses all need to keep an eye on what the Free
competition are doing - so that they can try to kill it.

Yeah, maybe a bit of Hyper-V integration and stuff as well, but
mostly, keeping tabs on the competition.

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