eyesight check

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Sat Feb 20 15:25:32 GMT 2010

At 10:18am -0500 Sat, 20 Feb 2010, Kevin Hunter wrote:
> - You don't have the virtualization hardware support available on 
> your processor or enabled in your BIOS.  I don't actually know how 
> to check for this with Windows, but on Linux, you would do:
> $ grep -Ei "vmx|svm" /proc/cpuinfo
> If that returns any data in your flags line, you have the 
> capability.  You might have to enable it in the BIOS, but at least 
> you know you have it.

Clarifying this last point: you /could/ run a virtual solution without
the hardware support, and I have from time to time, but it's /much/
faster (near-native speeds) if you have the hardware support.


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