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> Op zondag 14-02-2010 om 04:08 uur [tijdzone +0900], schreef Gryllida:
> > I am not using Linux. I am using Windows XP. This makes it slightly
> > difficult for me to answer my original question. --Gryllida.
> It's actually quite easy to test your application in Ubuntu: boot an
> Ubuntu .iso inside one of the free virtualisation softwares (e.g.
> VirtualBox runs fine on WinXP.).  Or boot an Ubuntu live-CD on your PC.
> Or make a dual boot Ubuntu install on your PC.
> If you have problems with one of those options, please feel free to ask
> questions...
> --
> Jan Claeys
> I have only one partition. Windows XP currently boots from it. I don't know
where I can install Ubuntu... Maybe I could shrink the existing partition,
but that's quite dangerous - will XP boot from it again then?
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