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On Mon, 15 Feb 2010 16:06 +0100, "Amedee Van Gasse (u2s)"
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> I know a lot of people who swear that Keynote is the best software for
> presentations. Most of them have an iPhone. :-D
> Supposedly it's also possible to make presentations in LaTeX, but I
> haven't tried that yet.

Latex has the beamer class which is a good way to make bullet point type
presentations if you know latex, but it isn't up to complicated
animations (though I don't think powerpoint is either...).

I've been meaning to try out blender for presentations for a while now.
The game design stuff lets you hook up keypresses to making stuff happen
in a 3d environment. I've had enough of a play to convince myself it
would work but keep running out of time before I have to give a
presentation and knock something up in beamer/impress/prezi.
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