Is Canonical Becoming The New Microsoft?

Manish Sinha at
Thu Feb 11 14:15:34 GMT 2010

Ari Torhamo wrote:
> ke, 2010-02-10 kello 21:00 +0530, Manish Sinha kirjoitti:
> "Billions"? You ask others not to overreact, but present such hugely
> exaggerated numbers yourself. Also, "have you contributed a single penny
> to "x" yourself" is generally one of the lousiest argument you can make
> against criticizm on anything - especially when you don't know how much
> (money, time, effort) the one who's criticizing has contributed to the
> project.

By billions, I am not giving you exact stats, just to say that they have 
spent a lot. I hoped people got the metaphor.

My point of criticism was simple - Since I don't contribute financially, 
so I keep my mouth quiet when Canonical wants to make money. I help 
Ubuntu community with all the help it needs in advocacy, organizing 
install fests etc.

>> Dude! I repeat. They need money to survive.
> DO YOU KNOW, that Canonical needs this deal to survive, or are you just
> saying so? (Repeating doesn't make anything more true). Obviously
> Canonical thought that this deal is worth making, but we don't know what
> things they took into consideration and what they didn't.

I repeated this since this applies to both the arguments for which I 

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