Is Canonical Becoming The New Microsoft?

Bill Cairns cairnsww at
Wed Feb 10 17:59:41 GMT 2010

I can't see the problem with dropping Gimp and Open Office from the
release CDs. I use both regularly (and have updated both beyond the
standard versions that came with 08.04 LTS). But Abiword and Gnumeric
are quite good enough for the average beginner user - who can always
install OO if they need to write a thesis.

On the other hand Gimp is a specialist tool and i doubt that 1 out of
20 Ubuntu users ever uses it. Someone who needs the Gimp will know how
to install it.

I use Thunderbird, Celestia, Backgammon, Open Song, Xmind, Geany,
Idle, Mplayer ... and don't complain that they are not on the release

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