Is Canonical Becoming The New Microsoft?

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Wed Feb 10 16:23:16 GMT 2010

> A question: How does the user of that Ubuntu desktop open those .docx
> files their colleagues from around the world send and want to be edited
> and commented with "track changes" features? Or does the Ubuntu user by
> declining not to interoperate somehow... suddenly change the world?

Simple: by using OpenOffice. Because Abiword isn't the default on the
desktop; it's the default on the netbook.
Besides that, Abiword does support docx. Not as precisely as
OpenOffice (since it isn't a clone of Microsoft Office), but those
files do work.

Presentations, on the other hand, are a missing link. Still, let's
keep in mind that Abiword actually fits on a netbook, looks decent,
has excellent collaboration stuff, and opens instantly. This is a
positive thing and means a much stronger experience out of the box.
For the odd case where one actually needs MS Office (as one would
install MS Office on a Mac when TextEdit's compatibility feature
doesn't cut it, or on Windows when the usually pre-installed MS Works
or Wordpad doesn't work), searching for even that phrase in Software
Centre should reveal the appropriate solution.

The only definite problem I see here is that Gnumeric was created by
Miguel de Icaza. As soon as those people who have a vendetta against
him find out, they'll scream bloody murder.
(Personally, though, I like Miguel's work and love Gnumeric to bits).


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