Andriod not the only open source mobile os out there now

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Wed Feb 10 13:21:56 GMT 2010

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 6:57 AM, Chan Chung Hang Christopher
> He must live in a community where they all have iPhones. /me goes
> looking for a community that only uses N900 Linux phones.

This being a college town you are absolutely right.  Almost everyone
around here has one.

Actually, if I could afford it I'd go with a Palm Pre or a Nexus One.
My friend has a Palm Pre and he loves it.  He wants an iPhone, but has
an intense hatred for AT&T.  The guy is a huge Mac fan, he owns two
MBPs and is considering a purchase of a Mac Pro desktop.

The one thing that struck me about the Opera announcement is that we
all know Apple would never allow a competing browser onto the iPhone.
 If Micro$oft did that the FTC would be beating down Steve Balmer's
door with guns blazing.  Its an abuse of monopoly power.  Again, its a
stunt to draw people's attention away from the iPhone and towards its
competitors.  The iPhone may be the most "dominant" of the
smart-phones, statistically speaking, but in the hearts and minds of
the people it is.  There's a lot of attention and praise lavished on
the iPhone.  People treat it like its the "Jesus Phone" and can bring
about World Peace.

The point is, Opera is doing this to demonstrate the iPhone's biggest

Apple itself.

They treat iPhone developers like dirt, they're in a playground like
spat with Adobe over Flash, and they have an over-inflated opinion of
how big they are in the mobile market.  Apple have done things that
would have gotten Micro$oft broken up like AT&T was in the 70s.  If
Steve Jobs thinks the web is going to obediently roll over and
immediately dump Flash for HTML5 because he refuses to allow it on the
iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad he's delusional.

What the hell is so fucking special about Apple that they can thumb
their nose at Anti-Trust Laws without the FTC going medieval on them?

I want to fucking know!

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for it in the endeavor of science. " ~ Carl Sagan

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