Andriod not the only open source mobile os out there now

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Tue Feb 9 06:29:46 GMT 2010

On Tuesday, February 09, 2010 01:48 PM, Tero Pesonen wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-02-09 at 10:49 +0800, Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> AT&T don't even operate here. The rest of the world has a grown-up
>>> cell network based on GSM; only the USA is a backwater with a
>>> Balkanised network of incompatible vendor-locked CDMA regions.
>> I doubt that the USA is a backwater region with just CDMA. They have PCS
>> and GSM too. By the way, 3G phones are not GSM. They are WCDMA. You can
>> kiss GSM good bye if you are using 3G.
> Ahem, well, in theory, yes... but let me still keep the GSM bands, too.

Oh sure, we've got all three in Hong Kong too although I suspect PCS is 
pretty much gone though.

> just in case the shiny 2100 MHz WCDMA doesn't work exactly everywhere
> where I might need to make a phone call. I mean, that of course doesn't
> ever happen, at least not in the elevator, or when going one story
> underground, but still...

Huh? When I had a CDMA phone, people in elevators STARE at me while I 
keep yapping and those who recover in time will check their GSM phones 
for signal. Too bad nobody wanted CDMA and so Orange/Hutchison/now Three 
did not bother maintaining/expanding its network. Now I am on a lousy 
GSM network (Smartone-Vodafone) and my Nokia 6500 don't work in lifts.

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