Andriod not the only open source mobile os out there now

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Mon Feb 8 17:00:16 GMT 2010

On Mon, 2010-02-08 at 16:39 +0000, David Gerard wrote:
> On 8 February 2010 16:14, Liam Proven <lproven at> wrote:
> > On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 9:14 PM, David Gerard <dgerard at> wrote:
> >> Now we just need someone to care about Symbian being open source. I
> >> believe Liam is the last enthusiastic Symbian^WEpoc user in the world...
> > FSVO "enthusiastic", anyway.
> Bah, I wrote this just for you!
> > For my money, nothing even remotely like the perfect cellphone yet
> > exists and it won't for a while yet.
> Steve Jobs tells the story of him and his engineers getting together
> and realising they all *really hated* their phones. So they decided to
> make one they wouldn't hate. And it appears lots of other people don't
> hate it too. It has the key and most marketable Apple feature: not
> making its users want to smash it to bits with a toffee hammer. A
> pocket Unix system locked down like that wouldn't be enough for the
> hackers here, but as a gadget for people who neither know nor care
> about technology it's arguably hit the spot.

Seems so, especially in the USA, where there was no consumer-oriented
smartphone market at all before iPhone. (I don't know exactly why)

But for me iPhone was too geeky. I tried it at the store, but couldn't
figure out how to make a phone call with it. Oh well. 

(This was long ago, when the first model came out. Perhaps they have
improved on usability since then.)

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