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Thu Aug 5 11:37:43 BST 2010

On 05/08/2010 19:48, Alan Pope wrote:
> On 5 August 2010 10:42, giovanni_re<john_re at>  wrote:
>> Umme, you forgot:
>> * let's make a sandwich
> *sigh*
> Any danger we can get back to talking about Ubuntu around here?
> Al.


May we please have a direct and a non-ambiguous answer to the apparent 
contradiction between what is written in the 2 references mentioned here 
with regards to this Sounder mail list?

Is it,

"The /sounder/ mailing list should be used for discussion of subjects of 
general interest related to Ubuntu, linux, open source or software in 

or is it

"Anything goes Ubuntu community chit-chat and discussion list"?

'You' cannot have it both ways, and you cannot argue, or frighten users 
with, "*sigh*s" or any other put-downs until this is cleared up. You 
must realise this.

Please, which is it: 'no holds barred' mail list, or otherwise?

I am confused, and so are many others.

By now you would have read the messages preceding this one.

Is there going to be something done to make sure that users know who 
is/are the "admins" of the mail list(s) so as not to suddenly read a 
post from some never-heard-of-before person - just like I did from you a 
while back as you know - and take it to come from some self-appointed 
and 'not totally with it' mail list "cop"?


If nothing happens, nothing can go wrong.

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