The Death of Firefox and Plugins?

Derek Broughton derek at
Sat Oct 3 16:38:24 BST 2009

Chan Chung Hang Christopher wrote:

>> Apples and Oranges.  As David said "non-corporate".  Do you think the
>> personal users are going to guarantee you a job?   LTS _is_ for the
>> desktop - the current LTS is probably two years+ newer than the Windows
>> my major client sticks on everybody's desk, so it is still pretty
>> advanced for the corporate user, but there's no good reason for a
>> personal (Gnome) user to
>> stick to it.  Of course, KDE was so f$%^&ed that I won't be upgrading my
>> wife's machine from Gutsy until at least the Karmic release, and possibly
>> not until next spring...
> Ah, sorry, I missed out the 'corporate desktop' when I typed. He's
> having problems with Firefox in a LTS distro that is supposed to be
> for....the corporate desktop. See the irony here?

er, no, I don't.  He did't actually seem to be having any problems with it - 
he just said it wasn't up to snuff compared to recent offerings like Chrome.  
Well, of course it isn't, because he's using the LTS.  If he compared the 
_current_ firefox, I think he wouldn't feel the same way.  But neither that 
version of Firefox, nor Chrome, are likely to be on most corporate desktops.

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