The Death of Firefox and Plugins?

Jan Claeys lists at
Fri Oct 2 21:43:04 BST 2009

Op woensdag 30-09-2009 om 17:44 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Jay
> First, in my opinion Adblock will probably die.  After using Chrome and
> also Safari, I have easily forgot about ABP.  Furthermore, I am not
> absolutely sure that client side adblocking programs speed up the
> browsing experience.  I guess it depends on what type of sites you
> visit.  I tend to stay clear of those sites riddled with ads.

I use Adblock to block annoying ads, not to make things faster (that's
not an issue most of the time).  Oh, and I don't use any of those stupid
pre-made filter sets (none of my own blocking rules block perfectly
normal sites, unlike most of those filter sets).

> Other plugins like web developer toolbar and color picker, should have
> an option to only display on certain sites or a way to turn them on and
> off on-the-fly.

I don't know color picker, but Developer Toolbar can be shown/hidden
through the "View" --> "Toolbars" menu.

> BTW, all browsers need a better pop-up blocker.  Ever have to pay for
> something twice because you forgot to turn off pop-up blocker then have
> to beg for a refund?

That sounds like a bug in the site, not Firefox.  The same would happen
if people (think they) have to resubmit because of a short network
problem, so sites should already be prepared to handle such things.

Jan Claeys

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