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On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 12:50 PM, Liam Proven <lproven at> wrote:
>> I've also seen a site that sells an updated Amiga OS that runs on x86
>> hardware.
> Um. Michael, you need to do a bit more fact-checking before blithely
> making such claims. Baldly assering things that are not true just
> makes you look foolish, you know.
> AmigaOS has never been ported to x86.

DOH!  You're right, I was thinking of the site that sells an emulator
along with an updated Amiga OS.  I'll make sure to check my info
before posting for now on.
I remember it being expensive too.  They also sold software packs,
mostly a collection of Amiga games.

Speaking of OS/2, my friend who has a MBP told me the story of
Parallels, the VM software that popular on the Mac but is also
available on Windows and Linux.  It was originally developed so people
could continue to use OS/2 Warp on modern systems.  He upgraded to the
latest version of Parallels recently and support for OS/2 is still

>>  The Amiga was pretty ahead of its time when it was out.
>> Long before the idea was given a name the Amiga easily handled back
>> then what would later be called Multimedia.  A unique part of the
>> Amiga was its sound chip, which is now easily emulated in software.
> True, but the graphics chip was more impressive, which could do things
> even modern PCs could not. Much of what made the Miggy special was
> what it could do /at the time/, and thus, in very limited resources,
> i.e., on a cheap PC. These limits no longer apply and now a modern PC
> with Windows, Mac OS X or Linux does all those things and much more
> besides.

I remember a long time seeing something akin to 3D graphics on a Amiga
a long time ago.  It was apparently a non-interactive demo and was
being run on an Amiga system at a local Amiga dealer.  This was a very
LONG time ago, I don't even recall what year it was.  It was in the
late 80's though, because I was still in high school at the time.  All
I remember was that it impressed me a lot.  I wouldn't see 3D graphics
which looked similar until the first 3dfx Voodoo graphics card
appeared.  My assumption has always been what I saw was software 3D
and not hardware 3D, but it was still impressive for its time.  This
was long before Doom or 3dfx Interactive even existed.

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