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>> So far, the Palm Pre is the ONLY cellphone I've seen where Homebrew
>> app development is allowed and actually encouraged. ?Goto
>> and read about Precorder, a homebrew app that turns the Pre into a
>> digital camcorder that records using H.264 video with AAC audio.
> I'm sure you're right. I am vaguely tempted but they are not yet
> generally available outside of the USA yet, AFAIK. It also looks a bit
> small for my tastes; I find the iPhone itself a little too small for
> comfort.

Small but beautiful :) - I have one from O2 (UK) on trial at the
moment; just seems to work really well, and the latest software (as of
weekend just gone) makes other phone interfaces look a little tired.
And the parallel operation of applications makes the iPhone look a bit
of joke ;). Highly recommend having a look.

And the homebrew applications is encouraged beyond anything I would
have expected. I've been at a promo event and had product managers for
Palm tell me about solutions that use Homebrew (and tell me why those
apps were not in the official store).

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