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> Was that meant to be direct to me, or to the list?

Both actually.

I honestly have to say 10/GUI is probably the most interesting and
fascinating new desktop/interface concept design I've seen in a long
time.  The old tried and true mouse & keyboard are starting to really
show their age.  We keep coming with new ways to improve upon the
mouse, first more buttons were added, then a wheel, then the ball
which often gets dirty and malfunctions was replaced by an LED and
light sensor, and then eventually a laser, and now there's a new
technology being considered to replace that.

Its still the same mouse, only the tech under the hood that makes it
work is changing.  The overall functionality, how you use it, hasn't
change since that experimental Xerox computer ages ago.  Same goes for
the keyboard, its changed so little over the decades.  Yeah new keys
have been added like the Windows Key and multimedia buttons but other
than that it hasn't changed that much.

We need something new, something fresh, and ultimately easy to use and adapt to.

10/GUI doesn't do away with the keyboard.  It replaces the mouse with
something completely different.  Something like 10/GUI that does away
with both while adding functionality would be something everyone would
mostly likely be interested in.

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