Nouveau To Enter The Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Kernel

David Gerard dgerard at
Tue Nov 24 00:49:01 GMT 2009

2009/11/24 Michael Haney <thezorch at>:

> Nouveau, the open source Nvidia driver project, is poised to
> become a part of the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS kernel.  Support for 2D Nvidia
> acceleration will become default in Ubuntu but the Gallium3D driver
> may not make an appearance yet.  Follow the URL for more details.
> Fedora is the only distro right now offering the Nouveau drivers at
> installation.

Oh, cool!

(Performance is still not great and 3D acceleration is largely absent.
However, nouveau now slightly usable as opposed to "abandon hope all
ye who are not actively coding on this project.")

- d.

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