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Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Fri Nov 20 15:14:08 GMT 2009

This mail didn't hit the list, so I'm forwarding it back to the list.

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From: Mark Shuttleworth <mark at ubuntu.com>
Date: 2009/10/10
Subject: Code of conduct and sounder@
To: Sounder <sounder at lists.ubuntu.com>
Cc: Community Council <community-council at lists.ubuntu.com>

Hi folks

Sounder was the original "insiders" list when we started Ubuntu. The
goal of the list was to have a forum to bounce ideas around about the
whole project. We have ambitious goals, and we wanted a place where
good thinking could happen.

I'm worried that the tone of the discussion here has changed
substantially. In the past three months the CC have been approached a
number of times about mail here that is pushing the limits, or
overstepping the boundaries, of the code of conduct.

This mail is from me on behalf of the Community Council, to invite
folks to call problematic threads directly to our attention at
community-council at l.u.c so that we can participate.

I'd very much like to see more sounding and less sounding off!

Thanks in advance,

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