Karmic Epiphany Annoyances

David Sanders dsuzukisanders at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 15:41:26 GMT 2009

> But then, TBH, I largely stopped worrying once Chromium started
> So now, I don't really hugely care any more.

I absolutely agree that it is the finest webkit browser I've used.

> Now, clearly, you have different objectives and targets - so this
> message was just to give you a gentle reminder not to assume that what
> *you* want or need is what everyone else wants or needs.

I will readily admit, my only real objective was to have a gecko-based
browser which works with the Global Menu applet (IE - gives me
Mac-style menus in my theme) so it's mainly a personal fetish, not
every Ubuntu users' concern.

However my problems with Epiphany-webkit went beyond just the renderer
- it stops responding to the password field input randomly, it has big
gray blobs around non-square GTK widgets, it has broken the "search in
address bar" feature, amongst others. I really don't think it's ready
to be the "official" release Gnome browser. At all.

The ticket on launchpad simply says "upstream are going webkit, and
we're following them", which doesn't seem like the best response from
a user-centric distribution to me.

As you say though, YMMV :-)

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