Automounting of additional partitions on local hard disks not working in Karmic - regression?

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Nov 4 18:26:56 GMT 2009

Ari Torhamo [2009-11-04 12:03 +0200]:
> I have three local hard disks on my system and one or more ext
> partitions on all of them. All of these partitions used to automount
> during boot in previous Ubuntu versions.

They don't do that by default, though (and weren't intended to
either). I guess you could get that behaviour by saying "keep
authorization forever" in the policykit dialog.

> Now, in Karmic, I always have to give my password before accessing
> them for the first time after booting. 
> Am I experiencing a bug, or is this an intentional change of behaviour?

It's intentional from upstream's perspective. (Karmic's policykit
does not allow you any more to keep an authorization forever across

It is at least a debatable bug in the usability sense, though.

There's actually two aspects here:

 * Upstream says that the old concept of authorization which stick
   forever does not make much sense, and we could just as well change
   them to not require authorization by default. (I'm a bit torn
   whether to do that for internal hard drives; we probably should

 * Karmic's handling of storage devices never automounts internal hard
   drives (independent of getting PolicyKit authorization). This is to
   protect internal hard disks from accidental damage, which would
   happen if you mount broken file systems, or hibernated Windows
   partitions (then you couldn't resume Windows any more).

   I agree that there should be a way to say "always mount this", but
   GNOME doesn't currently provide one.

sounder@ isn't the right forum for this, though. This should be
discussed in a bug report.


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