Endorsement of a wonderful tool: SSHFS

Brian Fahrlander wheeldweller at gmail.com
Mon May 25 01:20:19 BST 2009

Jan Claeys wrote:
> Op dinsdag 19-05-2009 om 11:23 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Brian
> Fahrlander:
>>     GNOME has the "connect to server" thing, too; but this makes the 
>> filesystem completely transparent so you can point things like 
>> Rythmnbox/Xine/Totem at the files and everything works without a
>> hitch.  
>> Under the built-in methods most everything but Nautilus complains "not
>> a real file system" or somesuch.
> If you install gvfs-fuse, you can use every gvfs "mount" with every
> program (the mount points are in ~/.gvfs/ )
    Hmm. I already have a .gvfs filesystem; that's the one Rhytmnbox 
won't touch. I'm not sure what you mean...are there more parts to the 
device we're talking about?  I'm just using it out-of-the-box, as it were...

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